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Cyber Security Suite | UTM, Monitoring ,Patching & Endpoint protection2019-01-11T14:12:17+00:00

Cyber Security Suite:

TecSec’s Cyber security suite incorporates a combination of endpoint protection (Anti-malware/virus/ransomware), RMM (Remote Management & Monitoring) and patch management.

Remote Management & Monitoring

RMM (Remote Management & Monitoring) allows our technical team to provide 24 x 7 remote monitoring and manage your PC’s and Laptops allowing automated remediation of common issues along with automated tickets.

Manage all PC’s and Laptops allowing automated remediation of common issues along with automated tickets.

Enables non-disruptive remote diagnostics where engineers can view PC logs or restart services without requiring them to “take over” thereby allowing staff to continue working.

Endpoint Protection:

Fast, lightweight on-access as well as scheduled scans with scheduled scans completed in under 30 seconds.

Web scanning and filtering with browser integration.

(Data Loss Prevention) capabilities with Identity Shield and outbound firewall preventing the extrusion of data via malicious processes.

(Remote Management & Monitoring) allows our technical team to remotely monitor and manage your PC’s and Laptops allowing automated remediation of common issues along with automated tickets.

Patch Management is included, giving audited assurance that Windows patches are applied on time.

Patch Management:

Patch Management makes sure that any security or performance updates and patches are implemented into the necessary software. Security patches are released to fix security vulnerabilities and other bugs in the software, meaning any vulnerabilities are patched before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Windows, Adobe Flash, Acrobat, iTunes and Java run time environments are included in the audited patching.

Critical patches that will have a negative effect on your systems and expose you to Cyber-attacks are automatically patched by us. Any other updates will scheduled and patched, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Unified Threat Management (UTM):

A UTM is a device that scans your network for threats and defend against anything malicious. Working alongside other hardware and software, we will use this equipment and software to secure your network so that no malicious attacks can gain access to your network and data.

Provides an enterprise grade network protection.

Scans and inspects all packets passing along your network.

Benefits of using our Cyber Security Suite:

Allows for easier management of devices through remote access that is non-intrusive to the user.

24/7 monitoring and alerts

Our IT system engineers get automatic alerts on issues and sometimes the software may be able to rectify the problem, such as restarting a service.

The RMM does limited patch management and will inform you if a reboot is needed to install updates.

Innovative Protection– Our experts are committed to testing and implementing the latest technologies to ensure that we provide protection at the very forefront of the UK market.

Light, easy, fast and efficient Cyber Security solution

Real-time Phishing protection

Stops polymorphic phishing attacks with 99% effectiveness even when a user has clicked the phishing link.

Mobile Protection (ios and Android)

ID Shield- Protects credentials & other sensitive data from being stolen when on a web browser.

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